Majok Single Wrap
Majok Single Wrap
Majok Single Wrap
Majok Single Wrap

Majok Single Wrap

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A single strand majok bead bracelet featuring colored stone beads and a silver charm. 

Also known as “Job’s Tears,” majok beads are seeds that grow in Haiti with a natural hole running through the middle, ideal for crafting jewelry. Commonly used by Mother Teresa to make rosaries, they are one of Haiti’s best organic resources.

  • Made from Haiti sourced majok seeds
  • Colored stone beads
  • Silver cross charm 
  • Beautiful natural earthy tone seeds
  • Lightweight and versatile for every style
  • Can be worn by itself or paired with our Majok Wrap Bracelet for a layered look
  • Ethically made 
  • Handmade in Haiti 
  • Available in Turquoise, Olive, & Colbolt Blue


Note each of these handmade bracelets may have slight variances based on the uniqueness of each majok seed. Beautiful work is done in time and in small batches, please take joy in the unique look of each Majok Single Wrap Bracelet.